Do I need to put my dirty clothes in a laundry bag?

Yes please; any bag will do. We ask that all orders are placed in a bag prior to pickup. My Laundry Station bags are available for purchase. These bags are durable, have a convenient carry strap and hold approximately 25 lbs. of clothes.

Do you offer Student Semester Plans?

Yes we offer Student Semester Plans at a discounted price which can be purchased through our website. Each Semester Plan holder is provided a MLS Laundry Bag which is to be used for all MLS Semester Plan orders. More information on our Semester Plan is contained on the Online Store page of the website.

When will my clothes be ready for pickup?

Laundry Orders dropped and registered by 11:00am today at one of the MLS Kiosks or E-Stations are returned the next day by 4:00 pm. Dry Cleaning kiosk orders are serviced on the same schedule Monday to Saturday. Office Pick up and Delivery orders scheduled by 11:00 am will be picked up by 4:00 pm that day and returned by 4:00 pm on the 2nd business day following the pick up. Office Pick up and Delivery of Dry Cleaning orders follow the same schedule except no office pickups or deliveries occur on Saturday or Sunday. New orders will not be any picked up nor will completed orders returned on Sundays. An email confirmation is always sent to the customer when the order has been returned to the laundry unit container or returned to a customers office.

How long do I have to pick up my laundry after it has been returned to My Laundry Station?

We appreciate you picking up your order as soon as you can so other customers can use the laundry unit. Orders left for more than 3 days will be returned to our processing plant.

What if I have special instructions for my laundry?

You can choose special laundry instructions when placing your order at the My Laundry Station kiosk or in the space provided on the order registration page for E Station or Office Pick up and Delivery orders.

What if I think an item is missing or damaged?

The quality control techniques associated with all orders processed through My Laundry Station are organized to assure that no items are misplaced or damaged. Your order is weighed at each interval of the process to assure that the amount of clothes that are placed into the laundry unit are returned to the laundry unit.   Accordingly, missing laundry is a very rare occurrence at My Laundry Station. If, however, you are concerned about your laundry being misplaced and wish to enhance the control procedures associated with your order, Inventory Control Forms are available to download at www.MyLaundryStation.com.  If this Inventory Control Form is included with your laundry order, our employees will check it prior to processing your order to ensure there are no discrepancies. If there is ever a lost or damaged item , please contact a customer service representative within 48 hours after the order is complete.   In the rare event that an item is determined missing or damaged, the customer will be reimbursed according to the International Fabricare Institute’s standards.

Is My Laundry Station Hiring?

Current job openings can be found here.
You may reach us at Laundry Station Services Inc., 87 Louden Loop, Mount Sinai, NY, 11766

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