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My Laundry Stations are placed in locations where people who use dry cleaning and wash, dry and fold laundry services go day after day as part of their routine; for example – where they work, live, park or go to school. In addition, the location for a My Laundry Station must be in places where several hundred people go each day.  A place where people who might use the service would value these benefits – professional wash, dry and fold laundry service, competitively priced, facilitated through a ultra conveniently located laundry station. Other examples of good locations for My Laundry Stations are large office complexes, apartment buildings, hospitals or other types of locations where a large number of people go each day and who would value the convenience of having an overnight dry cleaning and laundry service like My Laundry Station to drop off and pick up their laundry.

Here is how the My Laundry Station Referral Program works. If you know of a location that fits the above criteria, and you believe it would be a great location for a My Laundry Station, simply complete the form below.  If we are granted a meeting with the person responsible to allow the placement of the laundry station – you get one months of free laundry service equal to 4 free use coupons.  And if we get a placement of a My Laundry Station as a result of your referral, you get one year of free laundry service equal to 52 free use coupons. Interested?  Begin by completing the referral form.   Thanks for your help in expanding the network of My Laundry Station.

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